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Shippings to Canada and the United States starting at 230kg

Equipment and Tools

Safety Equipment

The safety and personal protection equipment for your work and projects you will find with us

Safety glasses,
Mask with or without valve,
Full face mask for organic vapors,
Half face mask,
Replacement cartridges,
White overalls,
Among other things …

Hardware Store

½» brushes up to 4

Plush roller.

Handle for roller.

Maskin of ¾” and 1

Transparent and brown tape of 2


Aluminum rollers: used for a better resin impregnation in the fiberglass.


Measuring cups


Butane gas can.

Oxalic Acid

It is an odorless white powder that is used for cleaning and removing stains from floors, in addition to leaving a semi-matte finish.

White and Pink Polishing Paste

They are pastes used to obtain a shiny finish on natural stones such as granite, marble, quarry, etc.

The difference between them is that rose can become a bit more abrasive (for suggested use on granite)

White Polishing Bar

Bar made of white paste, used to obtain a shiny finish on natural stones such as granite, marble, quarry, etc.

Lucidox Transparent and Black

Highly concentrated polishing cream for polishing marble and granite surfaces. Provides a long-lasting, natural, scratch-resistant shine.

Carbide Cups

Cups for grinding and polishing stone. Made of silicon carbide. For roughing and polishing stone, concrete, marble and granite. Fine finish.

Shellac Cups

For polishing marble, granite, mosaic and terrazzo, it is inlaid with cork and polishes for an excellent final finish.

Polishing Sandpaper

Discs with diamond inlays, commonly used in high hardness natural stones such as granite, for best results it is recommended to use them in series, from 36 to 3000 grit

Turbo Diamond Cups

Designed for larger slabs where a good final finish is not required.

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