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Composite materials applied in different industries


Our products have excellent characteristics ideal for the construction sector. They provide mechanical resistance, rigidity, corrosion and work as environmental agents. Currently they are used in bridges, beams, ceilings, floors, as reinforcements, thermo-acoustic insulators and restoration of structures.



In the various industries, their processes are exposed to conditions of chemical or environmental aggression. The materials are applied in extraction hoods, acid containers, trenches, washing or galvanizing tubs, elaboration of high capacity containers through winding, application of high chemical resistance resins for floors, cooling towers among others.


Reinforced materials in this sector are definitely essential, thanks to their favorable relationship between strength and weight. Apart from the aesthetic virtues that can be added or modified in the design. Reducing the mass of a vehicle lowers fuel consumption and makes it easier to drive.


This sector is characterized by using materials resistant to the environment. They have the ability to mold structures with unique and complex geometry, excellent mechanical strength in relation to their weight, they have the ability to adapt their mechanical strength according to load conditions, low maintenance, ease of repair, and excellent durability and corrosion.

We can see them applied to boats, boats, yachts, slides, swimming pools, wading pools, jacuzzi, buoys, among others.



Composite materials offer advantages in terms of weight reduction and maintenance cost. We can see them applied to aircraft wings, airfoils and including fuselage sections.


On the subject of wind energy, we see it in the manufacture of wind turbines and blades.


In this sector in particular, it is where configurations of composite materials can be made, since it only depends on the development of the creativity of the artists embodied in items such as jewelry, furniture, decorative items for the home, statues and colonial crafts. Thanks to the versatility of the materials, they can be combined in various ways, to produce a single piece or in series. Specifically in this sector, rigid and flexible molds play a very important role.


Due to their high resistance to corrosion, to the aggression of environmental agents, and due to their great lightness, composite materials turn out to be a great ally for this sector. We see our products applied to kitchen countertops, sinks, showers, or bathroom furniture, since they can be given a high-gloss marble effect or with the appearance of natural stone.

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