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E Glass Fiber Chopped Strand Mat

They are used with resin, to create anticorrosive insulating barriers, fiberglass laminates, automotive and marine repairs, among many other uses.


1 oz (300gr x m2) and up to 1 pound (1,000kg).

1.5 oz (450gr x m2) and up to 1 pound (1,000kg).

2 oz (600gr x m2) and up to 1 pound (1,000kg).

Fiberglass Assembled Roving

Used for the spraying and pultrusion processes, for the creation of pieces of reinforced pieces from a mold, laminates, etc.


Coils of 35.2 lbs (16kg) to 46.2 lbs (21kg) and up to 1 pound.

Woven Roving

It is used in the molding of reinforced plastic parts in general. Recommended for the manual lamination of parts that require high mechanical and corrosion resistance, such as vessels and tanks for chemical industries.


165.3 Ibs (75kg) and up to a roll.

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